The Educational Specialist Certificate Program

The Organization, Information and Learning Sciences Program offers the Educational Specialist (EdS) Certificate program for individuals who desire a credential representing specialization in an area beyond the Master's degree. The EdS is not a degree program or a pre-doctoral program. This Certificate Program is intended to prepare practitioners to gain recognition of specialization in a given field.

The EdS Program requires a minimum of thirty-three (33) credit hours beyond the Master's degree. Individual programs must be planned and approved by a Program of Study Committee consisting of three OILS faculty members during the first semester of coursework.

As part of the 33 semester hours of graduate courses, the Program requires the successful completion of either an Applied Research Project/Report or an Internship/Professional Portfolio. The applicant's Master's degree and work experience are expected to be related to the area of interest for the EdS. Note that individuals who do not have related academic and work experience should consider the Master of Arts Program in OILS.