Adult Education and Professional Development

This practitioner-oriented track is suited for those who want to work with adult learners, and are interested in a career in teaching adults, and designing and developing educational and training programs for them. Coursework focuses on adult learning theory, cultural influences on learning, instructional design, development, and evaluation, instructional methods and techniques, mentoring and career development, and distance learning. The courses develop skills in professionals who can design, teach, support, evaluate, lead, and manage programs for diverse adult audiences and contribute towards the continuing professional development of adults. Project-based assignments enable participants to gain real-world experience and skills that can be immediately applied on the job. In addition, participants will contribute their own experiences and expertise in designing and developing learning environments for adults. The program pays special attention to addressing cultural issues in adult learning in a changing global workplace. Careers targeted by this concentration include career development officer, college readiness officer, adult education and training instructor, and educational developer in organizations such as schools, government, higher education, the military, or the corporate sector.

Required Core Courses (15 credit hours)

Course Name Course Title Credit Hours
OILS 541 The Adult Learner 3
OILS 546 Framing Designs of Learning (Instructional Design) 2
OILS 547 Prototyping Designs for Learning (Instructional Design) 1
OILS 535

OILS 536


OILS 545
Culture and Global eLearning I

Culture and Global eLearning II

Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult Learning


OILS 544 Program Evaluation 3

**Students must register for OILS 597 Capstone. The Capstone is offered as a 1 credit hour segment 5 times an academic year (Fall 1st Half, Fall 2nd Half, Spring 1st Half, Spring 2nd Half, and Summer). Students should repeat the course three times to fulfill the requirement for 3 credit hours. Students may take the 1 credit hour segments consecutively, but it is not required. For students who plan to graduate in one year, students should take the Capstone during their second semester. For Students who plan to graduate in two years, students should take the Capstone during their third semester.**

Required Courses for the Adult Education and Professional Development (AE&PD) Concentration (9 credit hours)

Course Name Course Title Credit Hours
OILS 551 Training Techniques 3
OILS 555 Mentoring Adult Career Development 3
OILS 559 Positive Psychology in Organizations 3

Elective Courses for the AE&PD Concentration (6 credit hours)

Students may select 6 additional hours of electives from the following list selected in consultation with their advisors.

Course Name Course Title Credit Hours
OILS 500 Contemporary Instructional Technologies 3
OILS 533 Management of Learning Technology 3
OILS 534 Mobile Learning 3
OILS 540 Foundations of HRD and Instructional Technology 3
OILS 545 Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult Learning 3
OILS 552 Team Development and Facilitation 3
OILS 553 The Role of Wisdom in Adult Learning Across Cultures 3
OILS 661* Transformational Learning 3

Note: Students may take OILS 661, Transformational Learning, only with instructor’s permission.