The Leadership for Innovation in the New Economy (LINE) Certificate

The Organization, Information & Learning Sciences Program of the University of New Mexico offers an innovative online Professional Development Certificate in Leadership for Innovation in the New Economy (LINE). The 12 credit-hour program consists of graduate level courses that focus on developing leadership skills in preparing organizations, agencies, communities,and schools for success in the new knowledge economy. Individual courses focus on knowledge management, organizational learning, workforce development, eLearning, and collaboration. Developed using the latest Internet-based technologies, the LINE Certificate is accessible almost entirely online (with optional face-to-face meetings). At the time of this writing, only OILS 593, The Future of Work, is offered in a face-to-face setting. There is no requirement for campus residency to complete these courses. The program emphasizes a learner-centered, community-centered, interactive approach to online learning, where participants engage in hands-on activities and work collaboratively on complex, authentic projects to develop products forimmediate, practical use in the work environment.

The following are the three OILS courses required for this Certificate:

  • OILS 510: Designing Knowledge Management Solutions
    Focused on the application of general principles and techniques for designing technology supported knowledge management solutions.
  • OILS 530: Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning
    Focuses on the theories and applications of organizational learning strategies and process. The relationship between individual and team learning to organizational learning will be addressed throughout the course.
  • OILS 593: Global Workforce (GW)
    Focused on strategic planning for the organization and the knowledge worker in the global economy. How technology and demographics will change work.

Plus one course from selection below:

  • OILS 511: Collaborative Knowledge Creation
    Focused on designing technology-supported collaboration solutions that support the collective intelligence of organizational members in the creation of knowledge.
  • OILS 531: Culture and Global eLearning
    As an online learning community, participants explore the sociocultural dimensions of eLearning and the ways in which culture influences communication and the social environment. They address issues and challenges in international eLearning, study eLearning systems from around the world, and examine how eLearning can be used to understand and solve global issues.