The Culture & Adult Learning Professional Development Certificate

The Professional Development Certificate in Culture and Adult Learning is a 12 credit hour program that focuses on addressing cultural issues in adult learning in a changing global workplace. The graduate level courses develop knowledge and skills in professionals, who design, teach, support, evaluate, lead, and manage programs for diverse audiences.

The following are the four OILS courses required for this Certificate:

  • OILS 541: The Adult Learner
    Examines the teaching and learning transaction with adults. Specific attention is on adult life stage development, relevant learning theories and approaches, and learning style issues of cross-cultural populations.
  • OILS 545: Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult Learning
    Students will examine learning styles of culturally diverse populations, conduct research on cross-cultural teaching and learning, experiment with methods and techniques of cross-cultural training, and design and develop cross-cultural training programs.
  • OILS 531: Culture and Global eLearning
    As an online learning community, participants explore the sociocultural dimensions of eLearning and the ways in which culture influences communication and the social environment. They address issues and challenges in international eLearning, study eLearning systems from around the world, and examine how eLearning can be used to understand and solve global issues.
  • OILS 553: The Role of Wisdom in Adult Learning and Culture
    This course explores the role of wisdom from the point of view of various cultural traditions and academic disciplines. Students will examine and better understand (a) the historical perspectives of wisdom, (b) the attributes of those who are wise, (c) the current psychological, biological, and socio-cultural theories of wisdom, (d) the relationship between knowledge and wisdom, (e) the value of critical self-reflection and moral reasoning to wisdom, (f) the role of story and myth in developing wisdom, and (g) how experience and wise mentors foster wisdom. Note: May be substituted with another course addressing culture in adult learning outside the OILS program if this course is not offered.