Fran Wilkinson

Senior Associate Dean and OI&LS Administrative Director

Dr. Frances C. Wilkinson is the Senior Associate Dean of University Libraries and a Professor of Librarianship at the University of New Mexico. Fran has over twenty years of professional academic library experience and she is responsible for Administrative Services (including assessment, budget and finance, facilities, information technology, marketing, and human resources) and Technical Services. She is also the Administrative Director of the Organization, Information & Learning Sciences program since 2012.

Fran received her Bachelor of Arts with distinction, her Master of Public Administration, and her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. She received her Master of Library Science from the University of Arizona. A member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and a past president and treasurer of the UNM chapter, she is also a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha (Public Administration) and Pi Lambda Theta (Education) Academic Honor Societies. She also received the American Library Association’s, ALCTS, Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award.

Fran is the author of eight books and over fifty articles, chapters, columns, and reports. She serves on several editorial boards and was a journal column editor. She is a member of the American Library Association and its ACRL, ALCTS, and LLAMA divisions, serving on or chairing various committees. She is also very active on UNM faculty senate committees, currently serving as chair or a member of several. In addition, she serves as a mediator for the UNM Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services.

Fran teaches graduate courses and serves as a faculty advisor in the Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences program. Her research and consulting interests include leadership, organizational development, qualitative research, competitive procurement, disaster preparedness and recovery, acquisitions, and computer ergonomics.

Selected Publications and Awards:


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  • Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management, 2nd Edition, Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2015. Authors: Frances C. Wilkinson, Linda L. Lewis, and Rebecca L. Lubas.
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  • The RFP Process: Effective Management of the Acquisition of Library Materials, Englewood, CO:Libraries Unlimited, 1998. Authors/Editors: Frances C. Wilkinson and Connie Capers Thorson.

Refereed Articles and Chapters:

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  • Albuquerque Historical Society, Excellence in Historical Programming for “Zimmerman Library: After the Fire,” 2007.
  • Friends of the Libraries, UNM, Inc. “James F. Zimmerman Award” for Excellence in Administrative Service to the Library, 2003.
  • American Library Association, Association for Library Collections and Technical Services “Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award,” 2000.
Fran Wilkinson

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OILS 593 Qualitative Research Methods
OILS 593 Organizational Leadership and Performance
OILS 541 The Adult Learner
OILS 641 Seminar on Organizational Development and Consulting
OILS 698 Directed Readings in OILS

Research Interests

Leadership and management
Organizational learning and development
Competitive procurement