EdS Program of Study

Program Options

Students may choose one of the following two options, which require a three-person OILS faculty committee, to complete the EdS Certificate:

Plan I: Applied Research Project (6 credit hours)

Students must register for OILS 599 Master's Thesis for two semesters (6 credit hours). This option constitutes an Applied Research Project based on the student's needs and interests.  The topic of the research should be developed in consultation with the student's Advisor or potential Research Committee Chair.  Should a student choose this option, she/he will be required to take an additional research course as part of the 33 credit hour requirement. It is up to the student to locate a faculty member who would be willing to chair the research project. The resulting product from the research study is to be negotiated by the student and the Committee Chair.

Plan II: Professional Portfolio (6 credit hours)

Students must register for OILS 599 Master's Thesis for two semesters (6 credit hours). The student may choose, in consultation with her/his Advisor, to complete an Internship/Professional Portfolio based on the student's needs and interests. The internship component involves a 200-hour applied learning experience that relates to their Program of Study. The internship results in a product that becomes part of the portfolio.

Program of Study

EdS Certificate coursework, which must have prior approval in the student's Program of Study, is required in two specific areas:

Area of Specialization (18 credit hours minimum)

Course Name Course Title Credit Hours
OILS 502 Instructional Multimedia 3
OILS 503 Digital Video Techniques for Instruction 3
OILS 504 Instructional Use of Computer Simulations and Games 3
OILS 510 Designing Knowledge Management Solutions 3
OILS 530 Theory and Practice of Distance Education 3
OILS 533 Management of Learning Systems 3
OILS 540 Foundations of HRD and Instructional Technology 3
OILS 541 The Adult Learner 3
OILS 542 Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning 3
OILS 546 Framing Designs for Learning 2
OILS 547 Prototyping Designs for Learning 1
OILS 551 Training Techniques 3
OILS 552 Team Development and Facilitation 3
OILS 554 Consulting and Project Management 3
OILS 555 Mentoring Adult Career Development 3
OILS 600 Science, Technology and Society 3
OILS 601 Advanced Instructional Design 3
OILS 608 Advanced Seminar on Organizational and Program Evaluation 3
OILS 635 Research in Online Education 3
OILS 639 Advanced Instructional Technology: Seminar 3
OILS 641 Advanced Seminar in Organizational Development and Consulting 3

Research & Evaluation (9 credit hours minimum)*

Course Name Course Title Credit Hours
OILS 604 Quantitative Research Methods 3
OILS 604 Qualitative Research Methods 3
OILS 544 Program Evaluation 3
  Other Research/Evaluation Course as Approved by your Advisor