EdS Certificate Program Students

Students working toward the completion of an EdS Certificate should:

  • Meet with the Program of Study Chair and identify a second and third OILS faculty member to establish a committee.
  • Meet with the Program of Study Chair during your first semester and develop a Tentative Program of Study.
  • After completing at least twelve graduate credits, and no later than the semester before the one in which you plan to graduate, complete the Program of Study form, which will need to be signed by the Program of Study Chair, and the Program Director. The form will be copied for the student's file and forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies. (Forms are available from the Program Office.)
  • Prepare, present, and defend your Applied Research Project, or prepare and submit a Professional Portfolio to your committee during your last semester in the EdS Program. This should be completed by October 15, March 15, or June 15 of your last semester.