Professional Portfolio Guide

All Master's students not taking the Thesis option will be required to complete an Internship and develop a Professional Portfolio (OILS 596, 3 credits) based on the work conducted during the Internship, as well as a synthesis of their course work in the Master's program. The Professional Portfolio will serve as a capstone culminating experience that provides evidence of the student's progress through the program.

The Professional Portfolio consists of two major activities:

  1. Internship - provides MA students with professional learning experiences in applied settings
  2. Portfolio - a purposeful collection of student work to exhibit one's effort, progress, and achievements

The Portfolio will represent an extensive record of progress, and a collection of well-documented learning achievements. It is a vehicle for documenting your graduate-level work. The Portfolio is judged and evaluated by three faculty members in terms of your educational goals, and progress towards achieving those goals. The Professional Portfolio will satisfy the Office of Graduate Study's Comprehensive Examination requirement.