Professional Portfolio Checklist

If you have selected Plan II, Internship/Professional Portfolio, as your method of exiting the program, please read the information below and fill out the Program of Study form, located at the Graduate Forms Page (when you click to the page, scroll down to the 'Graduation' heading and you will see the link to download the form).

Fill out the form, print it out and save it, and submit the form to the Program Coordinator for review.  The Coordinator will obtain the remaining required signatures before the form is submitted to Graduate Studies for approval.

The student's name is placed on a proposed graduation list, at the end of the semester prior to the semester of intended graduation.  A Graduate Studies approved Program of Studies must be on file with Graduate Studies in order for the student to be added to the graduation list.

Task Checklist for Portfolio Project

  • Student obtains Internship site after at least 24 OILS Master's program credit hours and completes the Internship the semester before the one in which the student anticipates graduating.
  • Student acquires agreement of OILS Faculty Member to become Faculty Internship Supervisor and is required to ask participation in the Review Committee of two other regular OILS faculty members. Once agreement of all members is obtained, student advises the Program Coordinator of committee membership.
  • Student completes Internship Proposal and submits it to the Faculty Supervisor.
  • Student contacts Program Coordinator early in the semester, the semester prior to the semester of intended graduation, in regards to completing a Program of Studies form. Student fills out the POS form, and turns it in to the Program Coordinator, so that Graduate Studies approval can be obtained the semester before the intended semester of graduation.
  • Student completes an Internship of at least 200 hours the semester before the one in which the student anticipates graduating.
  • Worksite Supervisor turns in student's Internship Evaluation, which must be included in the Professional Portfolio.
  • During the last semester, the student enrolls in 3 credit hours of Professional Portfolio (OILS 596) and turns in the Professional Portfolio by the sixth week , or the third week of the summer.
  • Three weeks prior to the Portfolio being turned in, student contacts the Program Coordinator, who generates the 'exam' form to file with Graduate Studies.
  • Student submits their Professional Portfolio electronically, uploading it to a website, and provides the link to the portfolio to the student’s portfolio committee and the Program Coordinator by the sixth week of the last semester (Fall & Spring), third week if Summer.
  • The portfolio review committee evaluates portfolio by ninth week of last semester. The Graduate Studies exam form is signed by the committee and the results are filed with Graduate Studies to be posted to the student’s degree requirements.