Development of the Professional Portfolio

During the student’s last semester, the student will develop the Professional Portfolio, with the guidance of the Faculty Internship Supervisor.

Portfolio Objectives

The Portfolio provides evidence of the work conducted during the Internship and of expertise in the program coursework focus. The Portfolio provides an essential means for reviewing evidence of professional capacity and illustrates the cumulative learning of the student. The Portfolio serves as an introspective document that should demonstrate learning gained from coursework, the internship, and synthesis by the student of his or her collective academic and professional experience. The Portfolio not only will be used to evaluate the student’s work in the Master’s program, but could also be used as a means of demonstrating experience and capabilities for current or future employers and to the this end, the student will choose three or four pieces of their best work done while in the program that will be included at the back of the Portfolio, as part of the appendix.

Students are encouraged to develop e-Portfolios, or Digital Portfolios, and submit the URL for access and review. PDFS of original Graduate Studies approved Program of Studies Form and the Internship Supervisor’s letter are to be included in the portfolio. A hard copy of the supervisor’s letter should be submitted to the Program Coordinator.

The Portfolio will consist of three main sections and an appendix. The following describes the contents of the Portfolio.

Biographical Section

This section is designed to provide a biographical snapshot of the student. In this section, the student will include the following:

  1. Current resume
  2. Program of Studies form (copy of original with all department signatures)
  3. Professional goals statement
  4. List of references (optional)

Internship Experience

This section is designed to provide a complete accounting of the Internship experience. In this section the student will include the following:

  1. Internship Proposal
  2. Worksite Supervisor's written evaluation
  3. Written report of the Internship experience. This report will consist of a ten page account of the Internship. The following areas should be covered:
    1. Description of work projects
    2. Self-evaluation of work undertaken
    3. How the Internship developed skills or professional goals
    4. Relation of work to program focus
    5. Overall evaluation of the learning experience as a whole
  4. Sample products from Internship to support work performed (May be included in appendix)

Program Synthesis

This section is designed to provide evidence of the student’s coursework focus and how the Program and Internship meets his or her professional goals. In this section, the student is to provide the following:

  1. A reflection paper synthesizing their experience in the Program. This approximately ten page paper acts as a general summary of the essential content of all the student’s coursework. Here students describe in the most succinct and concise fashion, the major subject areas presented in their classes and amplifies the key points and/or ideas which had the greatest impact on their intellectual or professional development. In the reflection paper, students synthesize learning from the courses completed (perhaps under selected themes) with particular attention to how this learning relates to their professional goals, interests, and program focus. This section is not to be a simple listing and brief description of each course, but rather, a reflective synthesis of pertinent learning from the perspective of the student.
  2. Products from courses included in the appendix support and give evidence to the student's area of expertise. These can consist of assignments, papers, projects, or products produced during the student’s Master’s program. These should be three or four pieces of the student’s best work.