Presentation of the Professional Portfolio

Approximately one-third of the way during the student's last semester (by sixth week of the last semester, third week in the summer), the student will submit their portfolio electronically, by uploading his, or her professional portfolio to a website, such as  Students may use other websites, suggested by their student advisor.  Once the portfolio has been uploaded to the website, the student will email the link to their three portfolio committee members, and the Program Coordinator.  It is the responsibility of the student to turn the Portfolio in on time.

The Professional Portfolio will be reviewed by the Faculty Internship Supervisor and two other regular OILS Program faculty members individually. (The student is responsible for asking faculty members to participate in the portfolio evaluation. Students will advise the Program Coordinator of which faculty members have agreed to participate on the Review Committee). The Program Coordinator will file a comprehensive exam with the Graduate Office which will include the names of the portfolio committee, who will sign off on the exam form with the results of the portfolio after the portfolio review.  The exam form with the portfolio results will be filed with the Graduate Office to be applied to the student’s program requirements.

The faculty members will judge the merits of the Portfolio based on evidence of knowledge of the program coursework focus, quality of work, and academic excellence. If there are questions regarding the quality of evidence, the student may be asked to present his or her portfolio orally to the faculty members for verification of discrepancies.

The Portfolio review must be completed by mid-semester of the student's last semester.