aaron anderson photoAaron Anderson

”I've been so fortunate throughout my PhD program, in more ways than I can list, but especially in the immense support I've received from family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and several others. Asking for help when I need it has been one of my frequent struggles, but -- even in cases where I didn't come forward -- I have been met with such empathy and encouragement at every turn. I'm forever grateful for that. In particular, I must add a dedication here to my late mother, Penny, who always cheered me on, past all the hurdles and roadblocks. I love you and am always thankful for you, Mom, as you still watch over me.”



eric barrosEric Barros

"I would like to thank all of my professors, as I have gained valuable insight from each. I would also like to thank my family for supporting my post-secondary aspirations throughout the last ten years that it has taken me to accomplish my goal of graduating from my hometown college, the University of New Mexico." 








rebecca campbellRebecca Campbell

"Thank you to my grandmother, Shirley, who supported me on this journey.
Thank you to my mother, Patty, who set the example for me.
Thank you to my daughter, Rory, who makes life worth living.”







 yuri findlay photoYuri Findlay


joey garciaJoey Garcia

“As I conclude my program of studies, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my family and friends for their loving support and encouragement.
To all of my Instructors, I will always be grateful for your academic advisement, mentoring and sharing your gifts of knowledge and wisdom.
Thank you classmates for sharing your perspectives and enlightening my perceptions throughout the program.
Each of you will remain powerful inspirations to me.”




chris larranagaChristopher Larranaga

”I want to thank the OILS faculty, my family and friends for all their support, wisdom and much needed words of encouragement. Thank you to my parents, Eloy and Eleonor, for instilling in me the value of education and hard work. Thank you to my FurKids, Katie, Gracie and Dylan for “literally” sticking by me this past year. Thank you to my wife Kim, without her inspiration and push to get me to finish this degree, I wouldn’t be here today and thank you to God for giving me the strength to keep moving forward. “




brenda molinaBrenda Molina

"First, I want to thank God for allowing me to go this far. Second, I want to thank my amazing husband who always gave me his unconditional support and believed in me. Also, to my loving family who gave me words of encouragement. Finally, thank you to the advisors, professors, and director of the OILS program who were exceptional in guiding me in my career, they were always available to me, very professional, with a positive attitude all the time. OILS is a wonderful team who treated me wonderfully and I will always remember them fondly."








lisa montoyaLisa Montoya

“It was a race to the finish line and I am so proud to have not only become a new mother, but a graduate of the OILS MA Program – all in one week! I would like to thank my husband, Marc, for his support and inspiration, my family for their ongoing encouragement, and my UNM colleagues, who have helped me to rise above and continue to grow as a professional, an educator, and a student. Congrats, my fellow graduates, and Go Lobos!”


constance murilloConstance Murillo

“Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me.  Love you all.” 






alicia sanchezAlicia Daniella Sanchez

”Thank you to the OILS program for a wonderful experience and opportunity. The cohesive environment and structure provided a great foundation. I appreciate the endless support received by the Director, Program Manager and Administrative staff during my time in the program. Thank you to all of my professors who guided my learning through different educational challenges and peers for making my educational experience fun and rewarding through our collaboration.
In addition, thank you to my employer (SNL) and managers for the opportunity to work in a diverse, engaging, and healthy environment that supports educational growth. Thank you to all of my family and friends who believed in me and supported me through this journey. Lastly, a special thank you to my amazing husband Hugo, who acted as my sounding board, game-simulation tester, reading partner and was there to encourage me every step of the way. 

This entire support system provided me the opportunity to strive for excellence and increase my footprint in a world of opportunity. I can't thank you all enough!”


kaylin sanchezKaylin Sanchez

“I would like to thank Chris Larranaga along with each instructor that is associated with the OILS Program, for their passionate and exceptional teaching during my educational journey at UNM. I knew that I had instructors that cared about me and truly wanted me to succeed in all my academic endeavors. As I am nearing my departure from UNM and looking toward the future, I would like to let each of my instructors know how much I appreciate all that they did for me. Their positive and professional examples will stay with me as I exit me educational journey and enter my future career.”







anastasia ruckerAnastasia Rucker

“I would like to thank the professors, faculty, and fellow students of the OILS program who have challenged me to think and do differently. I am better for your influence, grateful for your wisdom, and hope to continue to be part of a community that is pushing our discipline further. Thank you to my extended cheering section which includes all of the Rankins, Larghes, Hortons, Jens, Ruckers, Hoffmans, Atkinsons, Crawfords, and Pitts. Special thanks to Ron for all of your support - I love you and I like you.”