Congratulations Graduates

emmons-mark-edited.jpgA Message from Interim Dean Mark Emmons

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A Message from Program Director Victor Law

I want to express my warmest congratulations to all the OILS graduates. We are proud of your achievements. It’s not an easy journey (especially during the COVID year), and you did it. Congratulations!

2020-2021 has been a tough year for many people. When I looked up some of the words people used to described the COVID year, I saw words like overwhelming, exhausting, chaotic, confusion, frustration, extra responsibilities, loneliness, and struggling among others. Those are legitimate feelings as we went through a lot of difficulties. But at the same time I saw another set of attributes that epitomize our students/graduates every day such as resilience, creativity, tenacity, and hopefulness. It’s the positive energy, not only coming from our graduates, but also their family and friends, that propel our graduates to the finish line.

Now, we see our country is moving closer to a “new normal” as more and more people are vaccinated. And, we are all hopeful to see the new days when we can see our students and peers face-to-face instead of via the Zoom window. The question is what the “new normal” looks like? I don’t have an answer to this question. However, I am confident that our graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and creativity in instructional design and organizational development that will build a better future for New Mexico, United States, and the world.

Once again, congratulations to our graduates and their families and friends!