PhD Program Students

While You Are An OILS Doctoral Student

To make your time of study the most rewarding, as well as to expedite your graduation process, please be aware of your obligations to the OILS Program Office. Here are some actions and strategies to keep in mind to support your success in the OILS Program:

  1. You are responsible for keeping tracking of your own file throughout your Doctoral experience, this includes the OILS Program Office, as well as the Office of Graduate Studies. It is not required, but we suggest you make it a practice every semester to check your online transcripts from the prior term and also to check in with the OILS Program Office and Graduate Studies to verify that all your paperwork is in order. We recommend reviewing the UNM Fact Book. This is a very helpful online resource.
  2. Make yourself very familiar with Graduate Study's Graduation Requirements for Doctoral Degrees. As mentioned earlier on this page, there are a few important administrative responsibilities with "soft" deadlines you must be aware of. Not completing them in a timely fashion them will cause a delay in your graduation.

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Victor Law
OILS Program Director
(505) 277-2565


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