B.S. Two Year Course Schedule

This page lists the courses that will be offered for the next two years in the OILS program. Refer to this list as you are creating your Program of Study and when scheduling classes for upcoming semesters.

Note that all of the following courses are offered online.

Course NameCourse TitleFall 1HFall 2HSpring 1HSpring 2HSummerFall 1HFall 2HSpring 1HSpring 2HSummer
IADL 1110Introduction to Information Studies O O
OILS 102Online Learning and Strategies for Success O
OILS 320Managing Information for Professionals O O
OILS 401Ethics & Diversity in Training and Workplace 1 (1 Cr) O
OILS 402Ethics & Diversity in Training and Workplace 2 (2Cr) O
OILS 407Mgmt of eLearning Sys 1 (1 Cr) O O
OILS 408Mgmt of eLearning Sys 2 (2 Cr) O O
OILS 418Creativity in the Wild (1 Cr) O
OILS 419Framing Wicked Problems (2 Cr) O
OILS 421Prod and Util of Instr Materials O
OILS 457Leading the Training Org O
OILS 466Principles of Adult Learning O O
OILS 470Workplace Training O O
OILS 471Designing Training O O
OILS 472Training Techniques O
OILS 473Analyzing and Measuring Training and Performance O
OILS 481Tech Changes in Society O
OILS 495Field Experience O O O O
OILS 493Topics H
OILS 293Topics H
OILS 440Survey Human Reouce Development O

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