Learning Officer (LO)

The Learning Officer concentration offers a path for professionals to quickly develop a competitive edge in this expanding field of employment. The Learning Officer concentration provides broad preparation to both develop and manage training and development programs that address organizational needs and are integrated into organizational change processes. Learning Officers and Chief Learning Officers work in nearly every field to manage and ultimately lead these processes. The OILS Learning Officer concentration is offered only through UNM’s Managed Online Program, with all courses delivered online at a standard per credit hour fee rate, regardless of a student’s residency status.

The Learning Officer's Master's degree is offered under one option only.

Plan III: Coursework (30 credit hours)

Required Core Courses (15 credit hours)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
OILS 535Culture and Global eLearning I1
OILS 536Culture and Global eLearning II2
OILS 541The Adult Learner3
OILS 544Program Evaluation3
OILS 546Framing Designs for Learning2
OILS 547Prototyping Designs for Learning1
OILS 597Capstone1 x 3

Students must register for OILS 597 Capstone. The Capstone is offered as a 1 credit hour segment 5 times an academic year (Fall 1st Half, Fall 2nd Half, Spring 1st Half, Spring 2nd Half, and Summer). Students should repeat the course three times to fulfill the requirement for 3 credit hours. Students may take the 1 credit hour segments consecutively, but it is not required. For students who plan to graduate in one year, students should take the Capstone during their second semester. For Students who plan to graduate in two years, students should take the Capstone during their third semester.

Required Courses for the Learning Officer (LO) Concentration (12 credit hours)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
OILS 540Foundations of Human Resource Development3
OILS 542Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning3
OILS 551Training and Development3
OILS 558Leading Change3

Elective Courses for the (LO) Concentration (3 credit hours)

Students may select 3 additional hours of electives from the following list selected in consultation with their advisors. Other OILS classes may be substituted as well.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
OILS 500Contemporary Instructional Technologies: Survey3
OILS 552Team Development and Facilitation3
OILS 554Consulting and Project Management3
OILS 557Human Performance Improvement3