The OILS department established its certificate program for working individuals to upgrade their professional skills and knowledge. These certificates may lead to a promotion, career advancement or other job opportunities.

Our certificate program is a 12 credit hour, non-degree graduate level activity, and does not require admission to the OILS Master's program. The only requirement is that students applying to the certificate program must have completed their undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university before beginning the program.

Students will be required to complete 12 credit hours of approved OILS graduate level courses as a non-degree student within 3 years with a grade of "B" or higher in all of their classes to obtain their certificate.

Please note that this is a certificate program, not a degree program, and completion of a certificate does not automatically grant you admission in the OILS degree program. If you are admitted to the OILS Master's program after you complete a certificate, the 12 credit hours of coursework from the certificate program, may also be applied to completion of your degree if the courses are approved by an OILS advisor. The courses included in the certificate program must represent a clear emphasis.

Below is a list of our professional certificates and a brief description of them. You can select the certificate you are interested in and it will direct you to a page with more detailed information about that certificate as well as how to get started.

The Adult Learner Certificate

We train professionals to develop the knowledge and skills that are involved with the training or instruction of adults. These skills can be applied to the training of adults in  organizations, educational institutions, professional organizations, agencies and many more.

The Culture & Adult Learning Certificate

This certificate focuses on addressing cultural issues in adult learning, and on a changing global workplace.

The eLearning Certificate

Professionals will develop the knowledge and skills to design, teach, support, evaluate, lead and manage programs for diverse audiences via distance technology.

The Instructional Technology Certificate

We train professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to craft effective solutions to instructional challenges using the latest educational and information technologies.

The Organizational Learning Certificate

This certificate provides external and internal consultants and professionals the latest skills and theories on organizational change and development.

Questions about the MA Program? 

MA Program Contact

Christopher Larranaga
(505) 277-2137