Adult Learner

The Organization, Information & Learning Sciences Program of the University of New Mexico offers a Professional Development Certificate in Adult Learning and Training, which develops knowledge and skills for professionals who are involved in the education and training of adults, whether in schools, agencies, communities, and in the workplace. The 12 credit-hour program consists of graduate level courses that address how adults learn, cross cultural issues in adult learning, an understanding of adult development and growth, and how to design, develop and deliver effective learning experiences for adults.

The following three OILS courses are required for this Certificate:

  • OILS 541: The Adult Learner
    Examines the teaching and learning transaction with adults. Specific attention is focused on adult life stage development, relevant learning theories and approaches, and learning style issues of cross-cultural populations.
  • OILS 546: Framing Designs for Learning
    This course is designed to develop students understanding and experience in framing learning design problems. Topics will include design thinking, agile design, needs assessment and problem definition skills including task/content, context, and learner analysis.
  • OILS 547: Prototyping Designs for Learning
    This course is designed to develop student's understanding and experience in systematically designing solutions to learning design problems. Topics will include iteration, prototyping, instructional design strategies, formative and summative evaluation methods, and flexibly adaptive approaches.

Plus two other courses from below:

  • OILS 551: Training Techniques (Delivering Effective Presentations)
    Introduces student to training techniques that are suitable for instructing adult learners in a variety of settings. Students will design and deliver an instructional unit to other learners.
  • OILS 545: Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult Learning
    Students will examine learning styles of culturally diverse populations, conduct research on cross-cultural teaching and learning, experiment with methods and techniques of cross-cultural training, and design and develop cross-cultural training programs.
  • OILS 555: Mentoring Adult Career Development (Adult Career Dev. & Change)
    Students examine adult career patterns and organizational perspectives on employee career development. Specific emphasis is on mentoring and coaching adults in career decision making.

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