Instructional Technology

The Organization, Information & Learning Sciences Program of the University of New Mexico, USA, offers an innovative, Professional Development Certificate in Instructional Technology, which develops the knowledge and skills to craft effective solutions to instructional challenges, including the design and development of instructional materials and learning environments using the latest educational and information technologies.

This program provides a 12-hour graduate-level experience that prepares participants to effectively integrate and routinely use current technologies, and qualifies them for instructional design responsibilities in public, private, government, and educational contexts. The program emphasizes a learner-centered, outcome-oriented, interactive approach to online learning, where participants engage in hands-on activities and work collaboratively on complex, authentic projects to develop products for immediate, practical use in the work environment.

Students choose any following four OILS courses for this Certificate:

  • OILS 500: Contemporary Instructional Technologies: Survey
    This is an overview of contemporary instructional technologies and how they can be utilized to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction. Students will gain expertise in selecting and using appropriate instructional technologies.
  • OILS 502: Instructional Multimedia
    This course is an introduction to the instructional use of multimedia. Concentration is upon educational and psychological foundations of selecting and combining different presentation modes of information. Practical application is devoted to hands-on design and production of computer-generated graphics, sound, and video.
  • OILS 503: Digital Video Techniques for Instruction
    This course provides resources and guidance as students conceive, design, script, shoot and edit digital video footage. Students will learn to create instructional video sequences based on theories of learning and instructional design principles.
  • OILS 504: Instructional Use of Computer Simulations and Games
    Students will review Shareware, public domain and complex interactive commercial simulations. We explore theory and survey recent literature. Project activity will focus on design issues and simulations, as students design a simulation and develop its prototype.
  • OILS 505: Management of eLearning Systems
    This course prepares students to analyze LMS requirements, customizations and integrations for organizations requiring training for compliance, skill-building and knowledge-building. Students will experience LMS implementation and management through typical workflow or calendared events.
  • OILS 534: Mobile Learning 
    Students will examine the pedagogy, technology, design and critical factors of mobile learning; they progress to create a mobile learning unit of instruction or artifacts that address an educational need or performance problem students have identified.

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