Organizational Learning

The Organization, Information & Learning Sciences Program of the University of New Mexico offers a Professional Development Certificate in organizational learning, which offers knowledge and skill development for professionals who are involved in organizational learning, organizational development, program development, and evaluation. The 12 credit-hour program consists of graduate level courses that provide external and internal consultants and professionals the latest skills and theories on organizational change and development.

The following are the three OILS courses required for this Certificate:

  • OILS 544: Program Evaluation
    Provides the student with a basic understanding of the evaluation process, the application of evaluations in determining the effectiveness and/or value of a learning experience both in the classroom and in the workplace.
  • OILS 542: Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning
    This course focuses on the theories and applications of organizational learning strategies and process. The relationship between individual and team learning to organizational learning will be addressed throughout the course.
  • OILS 554: Consulting and Project Management
    An introduction to the field of consulting. Covers conceptual knowledge of models to increase organizational effectiveness, consultant role responsibilities and needs assessment, and evaluation techniques used in consulting practices.

Plus one other course from below:

  • OILS 540: Foundations of HRD and Instructional Technology
    Foundations of HRD (training, organization, and career development) and its role in facilitating individual, group, and organizational learning. Students will also be introduced to instructional technologies that facilitate learning.
  • OILS 510: Designing Knowledge Management Solutions
    This is a course on the application of general principles and techniques for managing knowledge workers and their work. After taking this course, students will be able to design, develop, and deliver interventions to support the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge in organizations.

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